Not Build the Apollo but Only Built the Latrines and Water Facilities


In 1969 the superpower country succeeded in landing the Apollo 11 spacecraft on the moon.

In 2018, the community in this village (in NTB province, Indonesia) just built the latrines in their village, even some of them still do not have the latrines.

Is making of the latrines and water taps more sophisticated than Apollo?

Is this a matter of behavior and bad luck befalling the country of Indonesia, which is said to be rich in natural resources and have high populated peoples?

The comfortable conditions make people complacent and forget about efforts to improve civilization. Experience shows that people living along the river enjoy bathing and washing in rivers, including defecation. It is difficult for them to imagine dumping their waste inside the house, even though the latrine has been built.


Trimo Pamudji Al Djono

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